Muzzle Brakes from Mineola, Texas

Give your older guns more years of use with firearm accessories from Texas Precision Products, LLC, of Mineola,Texas. We sell muzzle brakes that improve the performance of your guns without smithing. Contact us to receive more details.

How It Works

Shooting a Mosin-Nagant with a muzzle brake is like shooting a .243. Our brake reduces the recoil and eliminates the muzzle rise. Our 4-ounce muzzle brakes are made of 6061 T-6 aircraft-grade aluminum. Right now we offer muzzle brakes for the Mosin Nagant variances 91-30, M-44, and T-53. Also for the Ak-47,  AR-15,  AR-10, SKS, KSG -12 shotguns, Saiga-12 and Saiga-.410 gauge, and soon the VEPR 308.

Maintaining Your Aim

When you use our muzzle brakes, the muzzle drops about half an inch when firing, never getting into your line of sight. So you are able to continuously shoot without ever losing your target.

Purchasing Information

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