Our team at Texas Precision Products LLC. is a family-oriented company with more than thirty years of experience in the machining industry. We enjoy target shooting of all types but our favorites are older military era weapons. The affordability and simplicity of these weapons gives everyone a chance to participate in their second amendment rights.

However, like all weapons of this era, accuracy could be better. Our designs will reduce felt recoil and any muzzle rise is completely eliminated, allowing your sight picture to stay constant. Our designs require no gun smithing and install in seconds with no permanent modifications to your firearm; Allowing you to go to the range with improved accuracy and comfort, then remove the muzzle brake and return your weapon back to its original status. Our effort is to improve the accuracy and comfort of your military era weapon, while keeping its original character. Our products are 100% made in Texas by Americans  We believe our muzzle brakes are second to none.

Texas Precision Products would like to remind you to thank our veterans! It is their sacrifice that allows us to enjoy our rights and freedoms. Please support our Troops and Wounded Warrior Project!